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The first Speculative Design Archive debate explored the emergence of new modes of authorship and authority with their own independent narratives. 

With Bethany Nowviskie, Dragan Espenschied, Klaus Rechert, Michael Murtaugh, Nicolas Maleve, Renee Turner and Cristina Cochior. Moderation by Annet Dekker.

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Whoever creates an archive does so on the basis of the desires and parameters that we know today, yet an important target group is the user of tomorrow whose capabilities, wants and needs can’t yet be determined.

What if we left behind that uncertainty when designing archives and archival institutions? Why not embrace this insecurity to stimulate current and future researchers and users to speculate together about form and content?

An archive can be more than just a 'rear-view mirror' to the moment it was constructed, preserving the power and dynamism of the texts, objects and artefacts that are part of it. What would such a development say about authorship? What does it mean for the authority of an archival institution?

From within the Speculative Design Archive Annet Dekker (Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam) discusses emerging forms of authorship and authority with guest speakers Bethany Nowviskie (researcher in the field of information and media technologies in humanities research), Dragan Espenschied (musician and multimedia / internet artist), Klaus Rechert (communication and computer scientist), Michael Murtaugh (computer programmer involved in the project Active Archives), Nicolas Malevé (artist, programmer and data activist, also involved in Active Archives), Renée Turner (artist, teacher and author in the field of digital culture) and Cristina Cochior (researcher in the field of technological and bureaucratic systems of knowledge exchange).

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